Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Blazer- DIY!

  I have finally completed my Floral suit! If you remember, I finished these pretty floral shorts a couple of weeks ago. The floral fabric has been with me for a couple of years and originally belonged to my mum.      However, as she could not decide what she wanted, I took over!
  Both, shorts and jacket, are designs from my beloved BURDA magazine, with some editions of my own. 

If you notice, I added lace ribbons on the hem of the shorts and on the pockets of the jacket.
Another change I made to the jacket was adding 7 buttons, instead of 5. The buttons are beautiful and I have a lot of them, so seemed like a waste to use only 5.

And below you can see a close-up of the buttons I have used. They are vintage and were given to me by my granddad- he had a lot of old buttons left from my grandmothers, so this was a great way of utilizing them!

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