Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frida Kahlo- Mexican Icon

Sometimes, after surfing the internet you get inspired by unexpected things. Well, actually not very unexpected- Frida Kahlo is a renown Mexican artist who painted her reality, which despite being very colourful, most of the time carried a message of great internal pain and loneliness. I am not a big fan of "surrealistic" paintings (although Frida herself stated that her creations didn't belong to that particular art movement), so I would rather concentrate on Frida's style itself. Being greatly disadvantaged by unfortunate injuries & accidents, she draped herself in colourful and very folk clothes, adding signature scarves or flowers into her braids and hair.
These are a few photos of Frida herself, her self-portrait and a tribute to her by a modern artist & photographer Atelier Olschinsky. (For full photoshoot, click here and here)

Salma Hayek has portrayed Frida Kahlo in a 2002 movie Frida.

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