Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear friends and visitors of this blog! Just a quick announcement and reminder that I am now active on Susanna Vesna , which since recently has its CUSTOM DOMAIN! Yes, we are officially DOT COM! :D
I really hope you can join me there and follow me on Tumblr or via Bloglovin', which ever you're more comfy with!

Also, I don't think you know that I have been actively updating my PHOTO blog called Susannasia! Do check it out when you have a minute! (Below is the kind of photos are post there! Did I get u interested?)

And FINALLY, I also have a FACEBOOK page- Susannasia on Facebook.

You may wonder, why so many changes, but I am working on kicking off my designer career online in the coming months, so would like to keep my fashionable friends close! :D

I will see on my new blogs and Facebook!
Much love!

Susanna Vesna