Monday, August 27, 2012


  Hello to everyone! If you noticed, I have been away for the past 7 days. I have spent them in my motherland- Ukraine. It was a very short stay, limited even more by the road trip I had to make from our capital Kiev to my city in the south of Ukraine- 8 hours by bus! 
  However, I did manage to meet my good old childhood and school friends, have a few photoshoots for Lookbook, see my dear granddad and cousin, and obviously purchase some handmade priceless items, as well as FABRICS and cosmetics (including some new nail-polish colours)! :D 
  The weather was beautiful and I was lucky to get some rain on me! I will be posting all these photos later on, till now you may enjoy these few Instagram pics taken by iPhone! :)

View from my balcony. It’s like I live on a tree! :)

While riding the bus from Kiev to my city, it was raining and looking extremely beautiful outside!

A typical Ukrainian scenery- endless fields disappearing into the horizon, and fantastic cloud prints in the sky!

A little bit of food! These are called Zefir and I think are made of egg whites, sugar and some other ingredients. They are in a way similar to marshmallows, except for being less chewy. And that’s my new lilac nail-polish! ;)

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