Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shifting My Blog!

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I have decided to shift my blog to another address: Susanna VesnaI think I am getting more and more seriously dedicated to my cause of Handcrafts & Fashion, therefore, it will require more investment into a better design and logistics! :)
I will keep this blog alive for sometime until I copy all my posts there. 
So bear with me, I promise- the wait will be worth it! ;)

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emma Watson: The Fashion Icon who came out of Harry Potter

  It has been almost exactly a year since the biggest, most influential Cinema and Book franchise had reached its grande and epic Finale! The books and movies might be over, but the effect they have left still lives on in their dedicated Potterheads and I dare say will live very long after we are gone! As you might have guessed- I am a Harry Potter fan! But not only of the book characters, but of the actors, who I grew up with! Especially Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. So I will start with Daniel...
...I think they have had it rough- facing the media, paparazzi and fans since a young age! I get so angry when these "yellow-press" websites post "Red Carpet Evolution of Radcliffe/Watson", showcasing their first photos, criticizing lack of taste and style! Have you checked YOUR childhood pics? Do YOU remember how your mummy would choose all your outfits and you would feel embarrassed cause your pants or shirt became suddenly too short for you? Yeah! Why don't you post that for us to criticize! 
However, I think Emma and Dan (I don't see Rupert Grint that much) are making the haters eat their words now! Let us take a quick look at Dan, before we concentrate on Emma.

I have seen a lot of guys having this thick messy hair and eye-brows, pale skin, and specs sometimes. I think Harry Potter created a nerdy look which still had a flare of "cool" and "wind-blown"! And don't tell me that Edward Cullen was the one who started this trend!! Harry was there long before that blood-sucker met Bella Skank! (No offense to Robert Pattinson by the way!)

I know there was a lot of bad and mean words said about Daniel, including "gay" (How dare they!) and that he has no future in the cinematography. However, his latest movie and theatrical involvement (not every talented actor can handle theatre) and upcoming projects has left haters in more jealousy.

Screen shot of Daniel as Arthur Kipps in The Woman In Black
Classic fashion from past century suits him very well! I think he is becoming the new "Classic Movie" guy, since everyone else is occupied with "Super hero" and Rom-com genres. 

Daniel at the premiere of HP 7: Deathly Hallows Part 1 
It is great how he sticks to an official style, with suits made out of great fabrics.

He also wears casual very well! I know guys don't have that many colours in their wardrobe, so they have to  play around with stripes, checkers, denim and so on.

So now to our lovely or how fans like to call her, FLAWLESS Emma! 

  She has combined talent, unspoiled cuteness and grace in her! I know there have been a lot of teenage stars, who have crashed dramatically in their twenties only to find it so hard to return. Take Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears for example. The former still can't get back on track! 
  Emma walked into our hearts as a fluffy-haired nerdy nose-high-up Hermione Granger. In the first Harry Potter movies there was not much of fashion involved- it was more about the effects, the dragons, the majestic Hogwarts castle and the wizard atmosphere. They wore long black robes with a little pop of colour.

Fashion became loud in Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (4th movie) and it all started with this dress that has indicated that Hermione was no longer a little girl, but a flower which was about to blossom!

Her grand entrance made Harry and everyone else hold their breath and "WOW"!
It has not been the same since then- everywhere, in each fashion magazine you could see Emma showing off her style, even if she had a little help with it!

Her modelling career has shown her in another different light- Emma was sexy and distinctive! She has been modelling for Burberry and Lancome.

The first part of Harry Potter Finale (Deathly Hallows Part 1) again had fashion weaved through it! 
Whether it was a party dress, casual jeans & blouse, or official look...Emma rocked them all!

Since then, the movie premiers were ALL about Emma. She wore minis, high heels and confidence!

At the final installment of Harry Potter premier in London...Emma looks like the Swan queen.


Even in real life she is perfect!

Just a little more of Emma and her beauty!

Emma was on the cover of Vogue last year and on many other covers! I am really proud of her and I can't wait to see her new movies! ("The Perks Of Being a Wallflower" - Her newest will be released in UK in November 2012! Don't miss it!)

A lot of these photos I have found on an amazing blog dedicated to Emma. 
Please check it out here: Watsoning
Also, do visit Emma's Official website and follow her on Twitter: Emma Watson