Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shoe Post: Era of The New Shoe!

  I always wait for some subject to inspire me before writing my posts! And for awhile there were so many thoughts in my head that I could not pin-point one to get obsessed with on my blog!

  But today I picked up my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots from the Post Office (bought them online from Solestruck) and realised the obvious! I have been OBSESSED like crazy with JC's shoes and shoes in general!
But not ANY shoes! The NEW era or NEW age shoes! Those boots and heels which change the whole idea of a normal footwear! No more of the simple plain heels, wedges or flats! The area which separates our feet from the ground has been re-designed with radical changes!  

  We did already get used to some extraordinary changes in our shoes, such as Alexander McQueen's claw-shaped heels or claw hoof, or Prada's "flamed" wedges. 

Alexander McQueen (may he RIP)



  However, I dare say that the most outrageous ones are probably worn in Lady Gaga's videos or on exclusive VIP events. And as Yoü and I are "simple mortals", we would probably go for concepts less "alien", but still with enough extravaganza to blow up the Fashion Trends!

  So that is what is happening with Jeffrey Campbell brand! Especially the LITA boots, which seem to be in the wardrobes of every girl today! Every girl BUT me, it seems, as the ones I want are sold out! But we'll get to that later!

  I am sure you have seen these cute looking boots on a high thick heel! I thought them funny at first, but after seeing numerous pretty fashionistas wearing them in ALL kinds of colours with so many styles, I realised their true beauty! Apart from being comfortable, they go with absolutely EVERYTHING, whether you are a rocker or a glamorous chick, whether you are in winter or summer! Take a look for yourself!

Now the Lita boots that I want are below and they are made of a tapestry with a Victorian inspired print!

Lita is not the only trend at the moment! Shoes with no heel are also very popular, and the first thought everyone gets is "How can you walk and not fall on those??!". However, heelless shoes have a heavy front, with a hard sole, supporting our heel and preventing us from titling backwards!


And the Skate boots with a wooden wedge, which distinctively remind us of skaters mysteriously gliding on the ice...I have been crazy about them as well, and they have been out of stock too! :(

Jeffrey Campbell is not the only one who has beautiful shoes with "Out-Of-This-World" designs!
The designs below belong to Andreia Chaves and are absolutely breath-taking!


                                                                     The Invisible Shoe! 

The Naked Shoe!  

 And these are 2 of my latest investments into Extraordinary shoes! 

Leather pistachio heels from Brazil by Dumond!

And finally my first pair from Jeffrey Campbell! While I was hopelessly browsing for Litas, I stumbled upon these beauties! Suede wedged boots with detailed embroidery!

And just look at the box they were shipped in! 


So this is my version of the Sex And The City episode called "A girl's right to SHOES"! Carrie Bradshaw would be proud! 
All the above mentioned sole masterpieces you can find on the below websites:

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