Thursday, June 28, 2012


  No offense Facebook, but you seriously have lost my interest! And I keep on hearing my friends say they want to deactivate their accounts, cause they hardly need it anymore! 
In my opinion, Facebook and its copycats have killed the true feeling and value of friendship! Yeah, it is still very convenient to keep in touch with those people who live abroad and get updates on their lives, but what about those who live next door? (Well, not literally!) And honestly, I find less and less topics to discuss with many of my childhood friends! And it's weird, cause I remember struggling to squeeze all the info into a hand-written letter!   

  And don't get me started on the feeling you get when an ACTUAL letter arrives...travelling thousands of miles, carrying the fingerprints and smell of your friends/relatives/loved ones! May be that is one of the reasons why I have started shopping online- I get so ecstatic when receiving parcels at the Post Office!

  Yeah! Facebook and the likes have robbed us of those, cause you can't even have the pleasure of holding your photos anymore- you simply don't need to print them! Just open up Facebook and tag everyone who wanted to see your new "albums"! 

  I drastically reduced posting photos on Facebook, cause only 5% of my dedicated friends will go and check them, while the remaining 95% hardly communicate and simply spam my News Feed!

  So, if you read my previous couple of posts, I have been hanging out on LOOKBOOK a lot lately. Of course, it doesn't give me back what Facebook took away, but there is purpose! The purpose of FASHION! That's why a lot of us are here for!
  I'm sure most of you heard about the amazing Street Style photographer and Fashion blogger Scott Schuman and his amazing blog The Sartorialist. While Scott shoots people in big cities of the world (Milan, Rome, Moscow, Seoul, New York, etc.) and it would be a lucky chance and a great privilege to be features on his blog, there so many fashionable people with great taste, who are unreachable by Scott. And that is where LOOKBOOK comes to aid! 

Scott Schuman and his girlfriend and Garance Dore

  Now, LOOKBOOK isn't just a website where you show off your wardrobe and latest buys! You go there to inspire and get inspired! There is not one day that passes by without me going "WOW!" or just squealing when seeing one awesome outfit or another! And it's not just clothes and styles! People put so much effort into making photos- some of them are so artistic in terms of poses and characters, others are unique with self-designed items! 
  Therefore, whether you planned it or not, you start putting more effort from your side to stay in line with the fast pace of this website! So, today's post will be about my Lookbook profile (Susanna Vesna), the looks that I am posting there and the improvement which I am (hopefully!) making every time! You can also have a sneak-peak at my profile in the left column of my blog! 

  So below you can see my most favourite Looks and styles. I usually make photographs by myself with the help of a tripod. However, my latest biggest "hits" were made by my boyfriend! 

Fire Asked Me For A Dance 
 I am a big fan of Vintage, and the dress above belonged to my mum. She bought it in Armenia when in her early 20s. As you can see, it is still in a great shape! Also the heavy beads necklace is quite old as well! What I love about this photo is the motion and Emotion, the Fire in my hair, and the amazing desert scenery. (Picture courtesy: My boyfriend)

A Ray Of Sunset in Abu-Dhabi

I like to have an idea behind my photos. So I try to add an extra effect to my style photos, so that they carry something more than fashion, trends and what I personally fancy. In this photo I am promoting the city I live in- Abu-Dhabi. It usually gets shaded by the famous Dubai, probably the biggest tourist attraction of the Gulf region due to its innovative infrastructure and endless Shopping Malls. However, I believe Abu-Dhabi has some bright cosmopolitan future ahead of it too! Just look at this unique CIRCLE building, called HQ!
(Picture Courtesy: Myself & Tripod & Canon)
Bead & Brush Strokes
 Here I probably concentrated on show-casing some of my favourites wardrobe VIPs! The amazing bead clutch from Dune and silk dress from ZARA.
(Picture courtesy: My boyfriend)

If Ferrari Was A Woman...
 This picture is not called that way only cause I made it right next to the Ferrari World Abu-Dhabi! At first, the point was to show how RED and I are amazing together, and to show off my new Jeffrey Campbells! But when I was looking at the photos on my laptop screen, I couldn't help associating this lady with a RED Ferrari, proudly parked somewhere alone, with its thick black tires made for speed! (my black boots?)
(Picture Courtesy: Myself & Tripod & Canon)

White Sand & Aladdin Shoes

Here I wanted to display my love for handcrafts: the dress was of my own design, inspired by some dress I  once saw in a bazar. The beads jewelry was all made by me, some designed, some taken from handcrafts books. And of course my outstanding Aladdin flats, which I purchased in an antique shop!
(Picture Courtesy: My Sister)


It's Always Sunny In Arabia! 
Another dress made by me, based on BURDA Style magazine. One of the first dresses I ever made, while still in school. I call it "Hawaii at night". Again, wanted to show off the Sunny environment I live in!
(Picture Courtesy: My mum, 
Myself & Tripod & Canon) 

Life Is A Complicated Print
I think this is the photo which brought me my first 100s and more hypes (likes in Facebook language). It features my first leather heels from a Brazilian brand DUMOND of Pistachio colour! The lovely Parfois bag with a tooled engraving reminds me of folk Ukrainian art. The dress was brought to me by my boyfriend, who has an amazing taste! 
(Picture courtesy: My boyfriend)

Where is El Dorado? 
 Aztec prints are popular this season! I keep on seeing minis and leggings with sophisticated designs. This Forever21 jersey dress caught my eye straight away, as I love a black and beige combination of colours. I usually avoid jersey as it makes me look thinner than I already am, but I decided to take the risk, and I wasn't wrong- till now this is my most hyped look! 
(Picture courtesy: My boyfriend)

I have a lot of other photo projects in my head and it's tricky to balance it with my work, Fashion Sewing class, and other things in life! But that's the main difference between a person dedicated to an important cause and those who are just passing their time!
Don't forget to check out my profile on LOOKBOOK and leave me some hypes and comments if you like! See you later! Thanks for visiting! ;)



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Awesome blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? xx

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Susanna Vesna said...

Definitely sweetie! Thank u for checking my blog! &heart;

Tie Bow-tie said...

Какие у Вас красивые образы, такие необыкновенные узоры на платьях!

Olga Choi said...

I absolutely agree with your "facebook" statement, I just use it like a news letter, no more...
Saw you at LB first and found a lot of inspiring outfits, really amazing and beautiful here in your blog,
and I thought that it would be great to have so lovely girl among my followers and be your follower also~!
Just drop the message in my blog if you like the idea~
Happy blogging~!

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Спасибо за приятные слова!
присоединяюсь к Вашему блогу!

Ally Dewing said...

I agree!!! Love your blog by the way!! I'd love it if you checked out my blog,
Thanks Ally xoxox

Anonymous said...

Great post & I so agree with you on the whole Facebook thing!!!
Btw...LOVE Sartorialist & Garance Doré!!!