Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Woman In Black loves fashion too!

  You all heard about Daniel Radcliffe's first post-Harry-Potter movie - a horror/thriller with a distinctive and stylish English elegance. A very opposite of what a typical American horror would be- loads of blood, screaming and ripping! No, Woman In Black is a very classic movie and very talented as well- it scares the whits out of you by unsolved mystery and suspense. I actually screamed in the cinema- something which NEVER happened before! The movie has been released in the cinemas in February 2012, and now on 22nd May we can finally obtain the DVD! That is how I got inspired to write this post!



  You are probably thinking "how is this movie related to our fashion craving?"! Simple- the Woman in Black, apart from being an evil haunting spirit, is still...a Woman! Therefore, I am suggesting to look at the poor lady from another perspective- the style perspective! 
  I personally do not have that many "black" outfits, except for a couple of office skirts and T-shirts. I am a very colourful person, but I do agree that "black" adds a kind of mystery to an outfit. It highlights you...in a dark kind of way! Like "black" or "dark" humour! You do not have to be a goth or a funeral guest to wear a stylish black dress, suit, etc. 
  There are various styles of "black" and every fabric gives it a new look (silk, satin, cotton, wool). However, I would say that black lace adds a very interesting feature to an outfit, making it look festive no matter the occasion! So let us take our Woman In Black for some shopping and dress her up into different styles and garments!

She doesn't have to wear long grandmother dresses! Knee-length or minis are so sexy!

And I bet she would love all the accessories she can add to her garments!


OR, she doesn't necessarily need to wear dresses! She can wear these!

Lace jackets- something different! Sporty and classy.

A sexy Burlesque corset would be cool too!

A skirt for work perhaps?

Here is an example of how real life ladies wear Black: Amanda Mullae from LookBook


Don't Look Down

Don't forget to visit Amanda's profile on the Fabulous LookBook.Nu and check out her Blog: Amanda's Memoranda

If our Woman in Black is still not convinced, let's show her how celebrities wear black dresses! 

I especially love how Sarah Jessica Parker wears it!

Kristen Stewart in her usual "Vampire" attire! 

Sexy Brits: flawless Emma Watson and Kate Middleton

That famous D&G lace dress that Britney wore in 2001 when she was blonde and young! How time flies!  

I could not help bringing to your attention this similarity between Rihanna and the illustrated red-head! 

So here how we turned a scary, screaming Woman in Black into.....

.....a sexy mysterious Diva! 

Dita Von Teese

If you missed the movie in the cinema, make sure you get the DVD! Enjoy!

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