Monday, May 7, 2012

Peachy Summer

Good day dear friends!

  Firstly, I would like to let you know that I have joined this amazing Fashion Community, called Fashiolista! It is a kind of a pretty database, where you can keep things you found in any online shop, by clicking a heart-shaped button. Moreover, whatever you and other fashiolistas "loved" is shared, making it a virtual fashion exchange! I have been registered there only a couple of days, and already found so many amazing clothes, shoes and accessories. It is a great source of information and style inspiration! Carrie Bradshaw WOULD LOVE it! ;)

  Now let's get back to my post (which was inspired by my finds on Fashiolista and other on-line shops!)...

  After a few physical and virtual shopping trips, I have noticed the domination of particular colours. I guess you can call it a trend. Peachy-orange is the most standing-out of them all! I would say the colour-palette below is a summary illustration of what is IN this Spring/Summer season!

  I have visited the famous On-line shop called Net-A-Porter and scanned through various high-street brands, who are usually to blame for trends and pace in fashion. To my surprise every brand I have selected had its first items in various shades of the peachy-orange palette. Of course it could be a coincidence, or may be every trend is displayed in that way- I honestly don't know! (Haven't visited the website often to notice).

So let's cut the talk and get to the clothes!   

LANVIN drape dress
MIU MIU belted cotton-linen shirt dress

 Alice+Olivia is a new brand for me! Although I am not a fan of girly colours, their pink-peach colour scheme  has left me happy.

The colour trend hasn't ignored the accessories either! CHLOÉ has all types of handbags, clutches, belts, wallets, even iPad cases in Orange and Peach shades.  

The scalloped triangle bikini of carrot colour and golden edges is a bomb!

  In my opinion, the pleated dress of a tri-colour pattern has become CHLOÉ's signature design! I have seen so many photos of this dress and other variations from the runway. I find it quite interesting!

As you can see, CHLOÉ probably has the widest range of clothing and accessories items in the discussed colours! And they are all so beautiful!  

 After Net-A-Porter I visited the brands website and checked their Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book! And there too- Peach and Orange were blossoming! 
Sporty co
Leather, perhaps for work or an outing

Sequins skirt and blouse would look mysteriously romantic in the dark! And this suit is a beautiful choice for a day at the office!

Of course there was no way to miss GUCCI...

I especially love the Orange leather dress!

JIL SANDER was also a discovery for me. After I have seen a photoshoot for the brand in Vogue, I have been intrigued. The brand has chosen peach shades.

 LANVIN chose to add more pink and dark carrot to the mix, adding maroon and dark raspberry here and there.

MILLY has pleasantly surprised me with a cotton handbag, with a poppy field! I love poppies!

  So as you have seen in this post Orange, Peach, Carrot and Coral are trending at the moment! However, I always say that following a trend is not a must! No matter how much you love fashion, you don't have to run to the nearest shopping destination and fill your wardrobe with numerous items of these colours! 
Remember to be different! 

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