Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Heat Solutions 1: Parasols & Umbrellas

  It is already getting extremely hot in the Middle East and the sun rays are becoming more and more severe everyday! So how do we ladies protect our pretty heads and beautiful hair from the sun? Do we wear caps? Hats? And what about our hairstyles- won't they get spoiled by all that head-wear? And what about matching them to our outfits? So much headache already and we are not even under the sun just yet! 
  No worries- there is a solution! It dawned on me during the Ten-Minute Rain that Abu-Dhabi was finally blessed with on 23rd April! 
  Below you can my umbrella, which is hardly ever used! 

  Pale turquoise flowers on a white background- a very refreshing pattern. However, everything in my umbrella is made for a rainy day- from the waterproof material, to the heavy shaft and handle. At some points I did use it during summer heats, but like I said- it wasn't quite practical.

  After a little research, I came to know that initially Umbrellas were used "to shade a person from the sun" (How Umbrellas are made). That is where the second name "Parasol" is used- "parare"- shade, "sol"- sun (French). Unlike, the zippers (Zipper Inventor: Google Celebrates!) which were invented in the last century, the origins of Umbrellas and Parasols root back to the ancient world- China, Egypt and Mesopotamia in particular.

Coming back to the current issue that we ladies face with our jobs, education, going out in the sun and so on, I would say that using a fancy or oriental type of Parasol, is a great way of protecting our skin, hair AND  hairstyle from any damage! So have a look at the Parasols below!

All the above are called "Wedding Lace Parasols". But of course you don't have to wait for a wedding to use one! 

I found this hand-knitted rainbow Parasol on a blog- 80's Girly Girl! For those who know crochet, this should be easy! 

                         For lovers of Oriental styles, you can get yourself  "a la Geisha" Parasols.

Vintage Parasol. Found this in an online shop: ThisNext 

 In my opinion, the best ones are the so called "Wedding Lace Parasols". They mostly come in white, ivory, black, red. Get one for yourself before the summer hits hard! In fact I have already received mine from Souq! If you live in United Arab Emirates, the choice may be limited only to the Lace parasols. However, I would advise to visit online shops, especially Ebay, where you can find a HUMONGOUS variety of accessories! And don't worry- it's totally safe. I have checked myself! Just look for sellers who ship abroad! ;)   

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