Monday, May 14, 2012

My new profile @ LOOKBOOK.NU & a little P.S

Hello beautiful people!

  I have joined yet another Fashion community, which focuses more on the personal style- LOOKBOOK.NU.
The website allows its users to post their latest looks, tag their outfits, describe and promote their style! After being their only 2 days, I have found so many talented fashionistas! It always feels great to find similarly inspired  people, who take clothes seriously and not just as something to cover their body with!

  So, before I show off my latest look, I will share with you some impressive finds I made today! I have fanned quite a few people there, and below you can see my probably most favourite LookBook fashionista- Amanda Mullae (Follow the link to see Amanda's Full Profile)! 
(Check out Amanda's blog:

You Don't Own Me

Let Me Sleep Beside You

  I will say this- I love everything in Amanda's looks, from the shortly styled, naturally brown hair, to the simple retro make-up (thin eyebrows + red lips + black eyeliner!), the creative titles she chooses for her  photos, and of course the Vintage style that she follows! I am a Vintage fan, so you can imagine how happy I must get when meeting people who promote the same! And it is so amazing that all of the outfits , despite belonging to the previous era, perfectly blend into the present! I will pause my praise to Vintage for now, as it is a huge subject for me and I myself have a lot to share.

Don't forget to check Amanda's LookBook profile here- Amanda Mullae 
Check out Amanda's blog:


  So now I will write a little P.S to my previous blog PEACHY SUMMER ! If you remember, I have spoken about the obvious on-going colour trend among Fashion Brands & Designers! The next day my lovely Fashion instructor Kristina came into class wearing these amazing shoes of an Italian brand- Fratelli Rossetti. And guess what colour were they?

Fratelli Rossetti Leather Shoes

  Therefore, I decided to add a little bit of my own real-life example and post my latest outfit idea, which features a Coral eyelet lace top, that I have purchased a good 3 years ago, my ZARA floral pants, Forever21 bag, ZARA suede heels and an ethnic silver necklace that my father brought from his home-country of Yemen!

At the Beach Cafe (Courtesy of my close friend Sonia)

 Visit my LookBook Profile for more looks: Susanna Vesna.
 So as you can see, I will have a lot of photoshoots to attend in the near future! ;)
Have a great day!

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