Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  I can't keep my words from spilling anymore! I took my anger to Twitter, to Facebook, and now I want to express some thoughts here too! 

  DEXTER FINALE....What a f**king tragedy! I know my blog is about fashion & crafts, but right now I have this huge grief in my heart...Forget about "heart"! My whole SOUL is in pain!

  I have read the opinions of critics, directors' and producers' excuses, of WHY they ended the BEST show of our time this way, and not any other way! But I will tell you this!!

  No matter how "immoral" some people may find the idea of Dexter, a man who kills bad people, let's face it, a lot of us sometimes wish for someone or something to take away those terrible humans, who only cause pain. Yeah, there is one electric chair somewhere in United States, but it doesn't solve the problem of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS maniacs, pedophiles and other sick Homo sapiens.

  So after 8 years and 8 incredible seasons journeying with Dexter through his difficult path, every one (and I mean EVERY ONE) wished him the best! Because for us he was like a dark Angel, saving & avenging the innocent in his own way.

  Yeah, "he is not God to pull out judgments on others!", I hear you say. But the same goes for inhuman b***ards who rape, kill women, murder kids, torture little boys, or kill for money!
Therefore, out of all the possibilities, there is only one for Dexter- to be happy! For he was doing what many of us wish they could do! He deserved better!

  And to those who argue that Dexter became human, and therefore, realised the full weight of his "sins", I will say this- If he indeed became more "human", than his FATHER instincts should have increased too! Therefore, he would be MORE WILLING to BE WITH and PROTECT his son! No matter how bad he thinks he is! Harrison is his blood! Hence, this "self-exile" that the show's writers tried to pull off, is complete and utter BULLSHIT!

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