Sunday, September 23, 2012


I remember posting about parasols as one of the good solutions for a hot sunny summer!
Now, that summer is over, one would think that there is no need for hair/head protection! That’s not entirely true. The sun may not be as strong in some places (not UAE though!), but there may be wind, rain and other weather conditions which could spoil your hair!
This is one of my newest looks from Lookbook. As you can see, I finally made an awesome-looking turban. However, it didn’t stay on long, as I am not good at fixing them yet! (Need some more practice!) You can see I was making it during the photoshoot itself!

Paired it with a pair of DIY cut-off jeans and a vintage vest which was passed to me by my bf’s mum. Of course, my favourite show-stoppers- Shadow Stud by Jeffrey Campbell. 
Photo courtesy of my dear boyfriend, who patiently works with me and my endless style ideas! 

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