Monday, April 23, 2012

I am back!

This time I have been away for 3 months! Oh my God-Some blogger I am! But you will have to forgive me of course, as so many things happened since the last time I posted in December! I have changed my job, I have finally found and joined a Fashion Design course, I have turned 24 and gifted myself a white iPhone 4S, I have made plans to get my own place, my cat turned 1 year old, I have exchanged quite a few Tweets with my favourite artist Carole Samaha (, I made some new friends from different parts of the world (Belgium and Malaysia), I have finally purchased my first CAROLINA HERRERA bag and not-so-first pairs of shoes and skirts, I have discovered Nara Camicie- an amazing blouse brand (keeping those working ladies look fabulous!, I have attended my first Fashion Show in Dubai with Zuhair Murad as an honored guest, I have decided to make a major decision towards my ambitions and dreams of fashion! And all this in just 3 months and in the same city of Abu Dhabi! As I am writing this from my Marketing office, I do not have all my fashion illustration photos to post, so I will do that later. However, I will share some latest photos of my styles illustration, my cat, Carole Samaha and some trends from fashion magazines that caught my eye! Enjoy and stay tuned!

Fashion style Illustrations

Spring-Summer style

Carole Samaha

My cat Arabella 

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